Value Engineering and Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Value Engineering and Life Cycle Cost Analysis

1) Value Engineering

Our approach to Value Engineering is flexible, practical, and direct. Each effort is tailored to the project requirements and includes careful cost comparison of various components and systems.

Hundreds of Value Engineering Analyses have been performed over the last twenty-five years. This process has made us very successful in winning numerous design-build competitions. A good example is the existing parking structure at VA Caribbean Healthcare Service. Through our value engineering efforts the project cost was reduced by $1,000,000.00.

2) Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA)

Many decisions made by project managers have an impact that may extend for several decades into the future. Our target is to find the optimum balance between initial capital cost and total lifetime operating costs.

We utilize both manual and automated procedures to conduct life cycle cost studies. This provides a better overview of the probable repercussions of alternate courses of action in the context of first cost and the resulting energy, operation, and maintenance expenditures.

Our Life Cycle Cost Analysis services include:

  • Provide documented listings on original assessed costs.
  • Definition of operating and maintenance costs.
  • Projection of the useful life of assets and costs associated with their disposition.

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