Energy Conservation and New Energy Resources

institutionalizing good energy policy ensures that the impact will persist long after any staff member has left a facility.

Our team has implemented on various projects a variety of ways to reduce energy use and consequently, save money.

Among them,

  1. Depending on their location, facilities have taken advantage of solar resources. Renewable energy generation can directly supply electricity to buildings (heating water with solar power). Solar water heaters can reduce the need for conventional water heating by about two thirds.
  2. Occupancy sensors designed to turn off lights when an area is not in use can be installed in offices and bathrooms. The light fixtures themselves may be upgraded to high efficiency types, which can fluorescent lamps which use less electricity and last longer than conventional bulbs.
  3. Retrofit electrical systems could yield large energy cost savings.
  4. Use of daylight (controlled admission of natural light into space through windows) to reduce or eliminate electric lighting. Benefits obtained:
      1. Improved life-cycle cost
      2. Increased use productivity
      3. Reduced emissions
      4. Reduced operating costs
  5. Use of lighting controls to reduce the amount of power used to extend life of lamps and ballasts, reduce internal heat gains.

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