why us

The office of GAUTIER & DE TORRES INGENIEROS.ARQUITECTOS is a recognized and reputable Architectural and Engineering firm in Puerto Rico, which provides project design, coordination, and planning services, as well as construction inspections.

LEADERSHIP and EXPERTISE are provided to assist clients in seeing beyond today’s challenges and needs.

After 40 years of working with a variety of government and private clients, Gautier & de Torres Arquitectos.Ingenieros offers a wealth of insight gained from experiences on over 800 projects.

mission and philosophy

Our mission as a team is to be trusted advisors to our clients, this throughout delivering the highest architectural and professional services.

Our firm has taken steps to transform old design practices and allow the implementation of new ones, through our designs and required construction practices that will significantly reduce or eliminate negative impacts on buildings, occupants and entire surroundings, while maintaining the client’s desires towards esthetics.

Our design priority is to deliver buildings with lower environmental impacts while enhancing quality of life through health, productivity, energy conservation and efficiency, conservation of materials and resources as well as indoor environmental quality. Our goal is to apply said concepts and principles by means of an Integrated Design Process (IDP) and push building performance towards more sustainable practices.

Gautier & de Torres Arquitectos e Ingenieros



Gautier & de Torres Arquitectos.Ingenieros’ design team regards confidentiality and ethical responsibility as essential in all matters concerning clients.

Maintaining client’s confidentiality protects the well-being and confidence of the people we serve. It also honors the trust, which a client bestows in our firm.